Our Proposition

We offer:

    We support in analysing business processes and design together with you the path to move from the actual to the target scenario. This includes adequate structures, roles and tools. Among others innovativeness is the art to concentrate energies on new challenges and therewith new tasks. This will only succeed if the burden of daily routine can be lowered to an acceptable level, e.g. through reasonable standardisation.


    We support in establishing and developing the necessary skills as well as in conceptualising and rollout of adequeate structures, roles and interfaces. Skills typical for innovation include e.g. methods such as creativity techniques, trend scouting, benchmarking, portfolio analysis as well as disciplines such as product, knowledge, and (agile) projekt management and requirements engineering.


    Technical skills alone, however advanced, will not bear fruit. In addition helpful and cooperative attitudes are required as well as a reasonable team diversity and qualitites such as leadership and perseverance. We pursue a systemic approach, which intends to expand the scope of options in order to enable you and/or your team to your own individual path of development.


    No path will conform to plan exactly, at least no novel path. In order for you to progress despite obstacles, parting of the ways or indeed turning points, we accompany and support through analysis of scenarios, conceptualisation of actionable options and in the decision making process. You gain safety even if strategy and possibly objectives, too, may need to be adjusted accordingly.


    An innovation often requires users to change habits, too. Unsurprisíngly this is likely to cause resistance. Developing a market is such no less difficult compared to developing the product dedicated for that very market – though it requires different skills. We help you in pioneering a market and in establishing strategies for market entry and development, on either side of the chasm.
We offer our services according to customer demand and following the “Pulse of Innovation” process model. Pulse of Innovaiton Phases
Process & Strategy Consulting
Steering of Innovation Initiatives

An extraordinary offer: CHANGCE-thinking
A screenplay for securing future potential

With CHANGCE-thinking we dispose of a methodology, which allows to systematically identify change potential and to set impulses quickly and effectively.

CHANGCE-thinking is an attitude and a framework which, stands on two pillars:

  • sytematically identifying hidden chances & change potentials
  • effectively implementing the emerging recommended actions

The tools and methods of CHANGCE-thinking ensure the balanced and in-depth analysis of relevant topics.

A ludic kick-off into CHANGCE-thinking

We have developed a new method for the systematic and balanced identification of change potential. It benefits by quickly and effectively delivering an impulse while spawning motivation for implementation.


  • analysis current situation
  • formulation of desired self-image and chances (together we play through a simulation)
  • elaboration of goal self-image and strategical approaches


  • a future image worth striving for and practical, strategical approaches


  • quick results and goal oriented
  • not time consuming, little effort for user
  • motivates through interactive, playful group process
  • (open) creative atmosphere/approach
  • generates new insights through change of perspective
  • disrupts routine and old patterns, neutralises hierarchy
  • haptic experience
  • triggers intellect, creativity, intuition and subconsciousnes

Benefit for Customer:

  • improvement of future compatibility/ chance identificaion through systematic approach
  • teambuilding through simplicity, lightheartedness and familiarity of method
  • efficacy through holistic and balanced illumination of future oriented topics by the team itself (“invented here”)
  • setting of impulse for change processes – with concrete approaches and motivation towards tomorrow