The company Ferdinand Lusch ,with its headquarters in Bielefeld, has been producing functional covers for padded furniture for over 70 years, looking back on a tradtion of innovativation and premium quality.

Over the past year we have been accompanying and consulting Lusch in the definition and introduction of a new innovation process. The successful piloting of the early stages through a newly established and interdisciplinary innovation circle an important milestone has been reached.
“The introduction of the innovation circle in our enterprise was executed by Mr. Witzgall with great competence and structure. The calm and friendly style as well as the cooperative manner supported the breaching of inhibitions and the strengthening of the team. Thanks to Mr. Witzgall we are on route to make the innovation circle a permanent concept to foster innovation.” (Andreas Thorwesten, Entwicklungsleiter)

The world of furniture can expect great product innovation by Lusch!