Apart from the ongoing Playshops we now also offer an after-work event in collaboration with Anywhere.24 GmbH to get to know the CHANGCE-process.

In this gettogether we introduce the CHANGCE-process, a multistep process which helps integrate and strengthen thinking in chances in your organisation. Furthermore, we will give you a taste of the CHANGCE-game, in order for you to evaluate the advantages and benefits!

Dates: 07.04.2017 und 10.19.2017 (4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

Attendance is free of charge.

Please sign-up for the after-work event here: cmmi.anywhere24.com/anmeldung



The CHANGCE-game is a fascinating opportunity to identify chances of an organisation, analyse these and finally convert them into tacit and innovative tasks and projects.


In contrast to existing frameworks, CHANGCE-thinking is a holistic and effective approach to foster chance discovery and creativity. It distinguishes itself by incorporating a change of perspectives and thereby produces results efficiently. The secret to its success can be found on www.changce.de