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We are convinced that a growing number of enterprises in various industries is capable and willing to develop and offer solutions that adress the basic challenges for mankind and our planet. Among these we see mobility, interaction, nutrition, healthcare and well-being, safety and peace, prosperity and solidarity.


Our mission is to strengthen the innovative power of enterprises in order to support these in developing and supplying new solutions, which advance our world.


We are a consulting firm, specialising in the design and implementtion of innovation processes. Our team combines decades of experience in countless projects of various industries. Moreover, we maintain an extensive network with our clients and partners on an international basis.

Our Management
  • Peter Witzgall (Owner)


and a few impressions of our team at work…


As a team we combine extensive qualifications and long-term experience.


We are a team of engineers and economists. Based on this we see ourselves as technoligically based with a clear understanding of how such products and solutions can actually create value in an industrial setting.
We continue to develop ourselves on a continuous basis. So far we posses qualifications such as systemic / business coach, Professional SCRUM Master, ECQA Innovation Manager, internal CMMI Assessor – to name but a few.


We can demonstrate a track record of professional experiences spanning several decades, multiple industries and countries. Our focal point is the development of high-tech products in industries such as automotive, plant engineering, test equipment, telecommunications, optoelectronis, aerospace and medicine technology. In addition we were or still are active in other diverse industries such as event technology, furnitures or food.
The roles and functions assumed by us are likewise diverse and span from development through project leadership to upper management.


We are convinced that innovation is regularly created and made successful by committed and connected people. It is therefore our heartful concern to apply sense for people and their professional development within the context of effective teamwork.
We for ourselves tackle work with an uncompromised orientation towards goals and customers. Dedication and passion, initiative, decision making qualities as well as self-responsible action and the ability to keep track within a complex context characterise our approach.


Through our cooperation we are able to create new possibilites and utilise synergies.

Our partner in technology consulting for the evolution towards the mobility of the future.


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