Our team is growing through our new cooperation with Günzel Consulting. With this enhancement of our competencies we are now able to offer our clients even more support in various business fields. The Günzel Consulting team is our partner in consulting and interim projects in the fields of procurement, project management, global sourcing, supplier development, supply chain management as well as organisational and process development.

The core competencies of Günzel Consulting encompass:

  • Procurement: development of a procurement strategy and organisation, value analysis, procurement market analysis, process development, target costing, contract management and negotiation
  • Project management: development and implementation project management, CIP-project
  • Global sourcing: global footprint organisation, total cost of ownership, global procurement market analysis and development, total cost of supply chain
  • Supplier development: supplier audit, action planning and tracking, bottleneck management, CIP-projects and supplier quality optimisation
  • Supply chain management: optimal supply chain design, risk minimisation with increasing efficiency, localisation and globalisation of value creation
  • Interim: procurement activities, supplier development and audit, project takeover

For more information visit www.guenzel-consulting.de